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Contents: drill core illustration information

Description: table contains additional information of photos and figures of specific drill core, views, time of photo taken etc.

Referencing tables: None

Field Database column Data type Description Referenced table
agent agent int illustratsiooni autori kood agent
camera camera varchar
database database_id int database
date_added date_added datetime Timestamp when record was created
date_changed date_changed datetime
drillcore_box drillcore_box int drillcore_box
drillcore_box_number drillcore_box_number varchar kasti number
drillcore_id drillcore_id int lokaliteedi kood
id id int(auto increment) Automatically generated unique sequential primary key (record ID)
image image varchar faili nimi
image_date image_date date
is_preferred is_preferred tinyint
public public int
remarks remarks text lisainfo vabas vormis
timestamp timestamp datetime ajatempel, mis kajastab samuti andmete viimast muutmist, sisestab andmebaasimootor
user_added user_added varchar User who first saved record
user_changed user_changed varchar User who last saved record