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Field Database column Data type Description Referenced table
date_added date_added datetime Timestamp when record was created
date_changed date_changed datetime
following_journal following_journal int journal
former_journal former_journal int journal
http http varchar home page for the journal
id id int(auto increment) Automatically generated unique sequential primary key (record ID)
issn issn varchar ISSN number
journal_abbr journal_abbr varchar
journal_long journal_long varchar full name of the journal
journal_name journal varchar shortened name of the journal
journal_original journal_original varchar
journal_short journal_short varchar
newname newname varchar the current name of the journal
oldname oldname varchar the former name of the journal
publisher publisher varchar publisher
publisher_place publisher_place varchar location of the publisher
remarks remarks text additional information about publication
user_added user_added varchar User who first saved record
user_changed user_changed varchar User who last saved record