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Contents: publications

Description: table REFERENCE contains information about all the publications connected to the collections, incl. for example paleontological works that reference to certain specific objects; field diaries that contain description of cross sections (that are on record in table LOCALITY and that in itself are localities for objects, samples) etc.

Referencing tables: analysis | attachment_link | collection | conop_distribution | conop_locality | dataset_reference | doi | locality_reference | locality_stratigraphy | locality_synonym | reference_keyword | rock_classification | rock_synonym | rock_property | rock_reference | sample_reference | sample_series_reference | specimen_identification | specimen_identification_geology | specimen_reference | stratigraphy | stratigraphy_reference | stratigraphy_stratotype | stratigraphy_synonym | taxon | taxon_description | taxon_occurrence | taxon_synonym | taxon_type_specimen |

Field Database column Data type Description Referenced table
abstract abstract text
author author varchar names of authors spelled out and following bibliography formatting
book book varchar the title of book, publication or some other literature that is used when type has been chosen
book_original book_original varchar
date_added date_added datetime Timestamp when record was created
date_changed date_changed datetime Timestamp of last change
doi doi varchar
figures figures varchar figures, photo tables
id id int(auto increment) Automatically generated unique sequential primary key (record ID)
is_oa is_oa tinyint
is_private is_private tinyint
isbn isbn varchar ISBN number
issn issn varchar ISSN number
journal journal_id int journal
journal_additional journal_additional varchar
journal_txt journal varchar title of periodic literature, must be first saved on table journal
language language int language (English, German etc) list_language
number number varchar number
pages pages varchar pages as text
publisher publisher varchar publisher is used to orientate when object itself has not been entered yet
publisher_place publisher_place varchar location of the publisher
reference reference varchar unique reference of publication / manuscript
remarks remarks text additional information about publication
tags tags varchar
title title text title
title_original title_original text title in original language, mostly necessary to save transcribed Russian original titles
type type int type of literature (for example article in journal, article in publication etc) list_reference_type
url url varchar
user_added user_added varchar User who first saved record
user_changed user_changed varchar User who last saved record
volume volume varchar volume
year year varchar year of publication with letter when neccesary