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Contents: rock and sediment samples

Description: This tables holds data on various rock, sediment and environmental samples, collected for different purposes, e.g., microfossil extraction or geochemical analysis. In many cases the original sample material may not be present any more. However, there may be various derivatives such as microfossil preparations, individual numbered specimens, analytical data results etc. Partly the SAMPLE table copies SPECIMEN, however, the physical objects in the latter are meant for perpetual storage, have unique number and names.

Referencing tables: analysis | attachment_link | conop_distribution | loan_sample | preparation | sample_palaeontology | sample_reference | specimen | taxon_list |

Field Database column Data type Description Referenced table
agent_collected agent_collected int collector agent
agent_collected_free agent_collected_free varchar
analysis analysis tinyint kas on tehtud mineral., litol. keemil. vm uuring (ei (0) või jah (-1))
classification_rock classification_rock int formal rock or sediment name from list classification_rock
coordinate_accuracy coordinate_accuracy int
database database_id int database
date_added date_added datetime Timestamp when record was created
date_changed date_changed datetime
date_collected date_collected date kogumise aeg kui on teada täpne kuupäev
date_collected_free date_collected_free varchar kogumise aeg kui on teada umbmäärane aeg
depth depth double
depth_interval depth_interval double sügavus mõõdetud läbilõike korral kui kasutatakse intervalli
epsg epsg int
fossils fossils varchar fauna lühiiseloomustus
id id int(auto increment) Automatically generated unique sequential primary key (record ID)
latitude1 latitude1 double
lithostratigraphy lithostratigraphy int litostratigraafilise üksuse ID stratigraphy
locality locality int leiukoht tabelis locality salvestatud lokaliteetide hulgast locality
locality_free locality_free varchar leiukoha täiendav info või iseseisev lokaliteet mis ei sisaldu tabelis locality
location location varchar storage location
location_additional location_additional varchar
longitude1 longitude1 double
mass mass int Weight of physical sample still present (in grams)
number number varchar proovi number
number_additional number_additional varchar proovi eelmine number
number_field number_field varchar
owner owner_id int agent
palaeontology palaeontology tinyint kas on tehtud paleonltoloogiline uuring (ei (0) või jah (-1))
parent_sample parent_sample_id int sample
parent_specimen parent_specimen_id int specimen
public public tinyint
remarks remarks text any additional information
rock rock varchar kivimi tüüp, lühiiseloomustus
rock_en rock_en varchar
sample_purpose sample_purpose int list_sample_purpose
sample_type sample_type varchar
series series int sample_series
soil_horizon soil_horizon varchar
soil_site soil_site int soil_site
storage storage_id int location
storage_additional storage_additional_id int location
stratigraphy stratigraphy int stratigraafiline üksus hierarhilisest süsteemist stratigraphy
stratigraphy_bed stratigraphy_bed varchar
stratigraphy_free stratigraphy_free varchar
user_added user_added varchar User who first saved record
user_changed user_changed varchar User who last saved record
x1 x1 int
y1 y1 int