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Contents: stratigraphic classifications

Referencing tables: classification | collection | drillcore_box | locality | locality_stratigraphy | sample | sample_series | specimen | stratigraphy_reference | stratigraphy_stratotype | stratigraphy_synonym | taxon | taxon_occurrence | taxon_type_specimen |

Field Database column Data type Description Referenced table
age_base age_base double alumise piiri vanus, kasutatakse ainult kronostratigraafiliste üksuste puhul, ühikuks mega- aastad (Ma, miljon aastat)
age_chronostratigraphy age_chronostratigraphy int vanus, lito- jm. ühikute puhul. väikseima mahuga kronostrt. üksus kuhu antud üksus mahub stratigraphy
age_precision age_precision double alumise piiri vanus, kasutatakse ainult kronostratigraafiliste üksuste puhul, ühikuks mega-aastad (Ma, miljon aastat)
age_reference age_reference int viide antud vanusemäärangule reference
age_top age_top double alumise piiri vanus, kasutatakse ainult kronostratigraafiliste üksuste puhul, ühikuks mega- aastad (Ma, miljon aastat)
approved_esk approved_esk tinyint
approved_ics approved_ics tinyint
author_free author_free varchar
color_code_additional color_code_additional varchar hexadecimal RGB color code (for example white - ffffff, yellow - ffff00), for international units alternative USGS color palette is used
color_code_cgmw color_code_cgmw varchar
date_added date_added datetime Timestamp when record was created
date_changed date_changed datetime
definition definition text üksuse definitsioon
definition_en definition_en text
description description text üksuse lühikirjeldus, tutvustus või iseloomustus
description_en description_en text
etymon etymon varchar
etymon_en etymon_en varchar
hierarchy_string hierarchy_string varchar
id id int(auto increment) Automatically generated unique sequential primary key (record ID)
index_additional index_additional varchar Additional index for stratigraphic unit in HTML format, EGK index when using Estonian schema
index_additional_html index_additional_html varchar
index_main index_main varchar Unit index in HTML format, Schmidt index when using Estonian schema
index_main_html index_main_html varchar
lithology lithology varchar litoloogia lühiiseloomustus
lithology_en lithology_en varchar
max_thickness max_thickness double
original_locality original_locality varchar
original_rank original_rank varchar
parent parent_id int hierarchy code for unit one rank higher (parent) stratigraphy
private private int
rank rank int rank in hierarchy depending on type of stratigraphy, available options when using lithostratigraphic unit: group, formation, member, bed list_stratigraphy_rank
region region varchar üksuse kasutatavuse piirkond
region_en region_en varchar
remarks remarks text lisainfo vabas vormis
scope scope int geographic extent of the unit and its usability; available options: global, basin (paleocontinent), regional (region on a continent), local (limited area) list_stratigraphy_scope
sort_within_parent sort_within_parent int
status status int status of the unit, available options: formally defined (global units defined by GSSP), formally approved, list_stratigraphy_status
stratigraphy stratigraphy varchar name of stratigraphic unit, to avoid confusion it is always used together with unit except for system and higher rank units
stratigraphy_en stratigraphy_en varchar name of stratigraphic unit in English
stratigraphy_original stratigraphy_original varchar name in original publication
type type int type of unit, with options: chronostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy etc list_stratigraphy_type
user_added user_added varchar User who first saved record
user_changed user_changed varchar User who last saved record
year year int Year of the name given, does not necessarily coincide with original publication